Coaching Staff

Downers Grove South High School Administration and Athletic Staff


revised 03/09/20

Athletic Director Randall Konstans

Asst. Athletic Director

Ellen O’Brien 

Athletic Secretary

Lisa Wivinis

Athletic Trainers – Provided by AthletiCo

Head –Stephanie Smith

Assistant – Alvaro Frias

Head Cheerleading Coach

Shannon Lahey

Asst. Cheerleading Coaches

Assistant – Terri Daniels-Mugnaini

Assistant –

Dance (Fillies-Varsity) Coach

Dawn Jovic

Dance (Pintos-JV) Coach

Mariterese Altosino

Fall Sports Coaching Staff



Boys’ Cross Country

Head Coach – Brian Caldwell
Assistant – Sean Senf

Assistant –  Mike Kirk

Boys’ Golf

Head Coach – Terry Tiesman 

Assistant – Tim Christy

Boys’ Soccer

Head Coach – Jon Stapleton
Assistant Varsity – Nate Terry
Sophomore – Chris Hernandez
Freshman – Mike Paczkowski


Head Varsity Coach – Mark Molinari 
Assistant Varsity – Dan Bielawski

Assistant Varsity – Paul Maggiore
Assistant Varsity – Dave Burton
Assistant Varsity – Tony Nevrly
Assistant Varsity – Robb Stephenitch

Assistant Varsity – Matt Quatman

Assistant Varsity (Vol) – John Bucklar

Head Sophomore Coach –  Troy Michalek

Assistant Sophomore – Brian Kukulski

Assistant Sophomore – Mike Iazzetto

Assistant Varsity – P.J. Dufur

Assistant Sophomore (Vol) – Christopher Ehas

Assistant Sophomore (Vol) – Phillip Simoncelli

Head Freshman Coach – Rick LeBlanc

Assistant Freshmen – David Lee

Assistant Freshmen – Arthur Drenth

Assistant Freshman (Vol) – Dimitri Tripkos

Girls’ Cross Country

Head Coach – Doug Plunkett 
Assistant – Mike Farthing

Assistant – Tess Johnson

Assistant (Vol) – Mike Arenberg

Assistant (Vol) – Meagan DeSalvo

Girls’ Golf

Head Coach – Lindsay DeGiulio
Assistant – Darren Orel 

Girls’ Tennis

Head Coach – Josh Forst
JV – Robert Kud
Freshmen – Adam Petersen

Girls Swimmng and Diving

Head Coach – Paul Krick
Diving – Elizabeth Lukes 
Assistant – Bryan Szweda

Assistant (Vol.) – Frank Kuchta

Girls’ Volleyball

Head Varsity – Kristee Conrad

Assistant – Ryan Altenburg
Sophomore –  Pat Fardy

Freshman A – Jennifer Niendorff

Freshman B – Brett Wolf 

Winter Sports Coaching Staff



Boys’ Basketball

Head Varsity Coach – Kris Olson

Varsity Assistant –Jeff Powers

Assistant Coach (Vol) – Zach Miller

Sophomore Coach – Rob Bozek

Sophomore Assistant – Paul Maggiore

Freshman A Coach – Eric Baugh

Assistant Coach (Vol) – Gary Smith

Boys’ Swimming & Diving

Head Coach – Bryan Szweda
Assistant Coach – Paul Krick
Diving Coach – Elizabeth Lukes

Assistant Coach (Vol.) – Frank Kuchta


Head Varsity Coach – Sean Lovelace

Assistant Varsity Coach – Sean Raddatz 

Assistant Varsity Coach – Tim Noverini

Head JVI-JVII Coach – Josh Edwards

Assistant JVI-JVII Coach – (Vol.) Sam Scrivani

Assistant JVI-JVII Coach – (Vol.) Vince Liebich

Head Freshman Coach – Greg Maloney

Assistant Freshman Coach – Christos Giatras

Assistant Freshman Coach (Vol) – Gerry Gates

Assistant Freshman Coach (Vol) – David Lee

Girls’ Basketball

Head Varsity Coach – Lyndsie Long
Varsity Asst. Coach – Britanny Armato
Sophomore Coach – Mack Trent
Freshman A Coach – Justin Loos
Freshman B Coach – Jordan Hamilton

Girls’ Bowling

Head Coach – Bob Topor
Assistant Coach – Adam Petersen

Girls’ Gymnastics

Head Coach – Kristyn Campos 
Assistant Coach – Bill Norris
Assistant Coach –

Assistant Coach – Kylie Bosco

Spring Sports Coaching Staff



Boys’ Baseball

Head Varsity Coach – Darren Orel
Varsity Assistant – Tim Cappelen

Varsity – (Vol) Paul Parpet

Varsity – (Vol) Andrew Alfini

Varsity – (Vol) Pat Kenney

Head Sophomore Coach – Matt Quatman
Sophomore Assistant (Vol) – Chis Beranek
Head Freshman CoachBrett Wolf
Freshman Assitant (Vol.)  – John Holakovsky

Freshman Assitant (Vol.)  – Gary Wolf

Boys’ Gymnastics

Head Coach – Bill Norris

Assistant Coach –Kristyn Campos

Assistant Coach – Eric Owusu

Boys’ Lacrosse

Coop. Team with DGN.  The boys will be housed at DGS.

Head Varsity Coach –  Shon Zawlocki

Assistant Varsity – Joseph Reilly

Assistant Coach (Vol.) – Jon Gargiulo

JV Coach (Vol) – Mike McAleer

Assistant JV Coach (Vol)- Cody Figura

Head Freshman – Nic Tysiak

Assistant Coach (Vol.) – Matthew Mallow

Boys’ Tennis

Head Coach – Josh Forst

Varsity Assistant Coach – Bob Kud

Assistant Coach (Vol.) –

Boys’ Track & Field

Head Coach – Sean Senf
Assistant Coach – Brian Caldwell (distance)

Assistant Coach – David Lee (throws)

Assistant Coach –  Scott Klepadlo

Assistant Coach – Mike Farthing
Assistant Coach – (Vol.) Mike Kirk (jumps)

Boys’ Volleyball

Head Coach Kurt Steuer  
Varsity Assistant – Tony Nevrly 

JV Coach – Ryan Altenburg

Freshman Coach – Dave Burton

Assistant Coach (Vol.) – Colton O’Rourke

Girls’ Softball

Head Varsity CoachJim Cushing
Varsity Assistant – Brooke Andresen
Varsity Assistant (Vol.) – Bill Drenth

Varsity Assistant (Vol.) – Jack Cannon

Head JV Coach  –Abbey McKee

JV Assistant (Vol.) – Dick Cermak
Freshman Head Coach – Lyndsie Long

Pitching Coach All Levels – (Vol.) Chuck Robinson

Girls’ Badminton

Head Coach – Jocelyn Painter
JV Coach – Jennifer Niendorf
Freshman Coach – Hayley Pendergast

Girls’ Lacrosse

Coop. Team with DGN.  The girls will be housed at DGN.

See the DGN web site for information.

Girls’ Soccer

Head Varsity CoachChris Hernandez 

Assistant Coach – Adam Petersen
Sophomore Coach –  Mike McGinnis

Assistant Sophomore (Vol.) – Kiley Czerwinski

Freshman Coach – Mike Paczkowski

Girls’ Track & Field

Head Coach – Doug Plunkett (distance)
Assistant Coach –   Tess Johnson (sprints, long and triple jumps)
Assistant Coach – Brian Kukulski (pole vault/throws)

Assistant Coach – Katie Goray (sprints, high jump)

Assistant Coach – Evelyn Golden (jumps)