Coaching Staff

Downers Grove South High School Administration and Athletic Staff


revised 01/18/20

Athletic Director Randall Konstans

Asst. Athletic Director

Ellen O’Brien 

Athletic Secretary

Lisa Wivinis

Athletic Trainers – Provided by AthletiCo

Head –Stephanie Smith

Assistant – Alvaro Frias

Head Cheerleading Coach

Shannon Lahey

Asst. Cheerleading Coaches

Assistant – Terri Daniels-Mugnaini

Assistant –

Dance (Fillies-Varsity) Coach

Dawn Jovic

Dance (Pintos-JV) Coach

Mariterese Altosino

Fall Sports Coaching Staff



Boys’ Cross Country

Head Coach – Brian Caldwell
Assistant – Sean Senf

Assistant –  Mike Kirk

Boys’ Golf

Head Coach – Terry Tiesman 

Assistant – Tim Christy

Boys’ Soccer

Head Coach – Jon Stapleton
Assistant Varsity – Nate Terry
Sophomore – Chris Hernandez
Freshman – Mike Paczkowski


Head Varsity Coach – Mark Molinari 
Assistant Varsity – Dan Bielawski

Assistant Varsity – Paul Maggiore
Assistant Varsity – Dave Burton
Assistant Varsity – Tony Nevrly
Assistant Varsity – Robb Stephenitch

Assistant Varsity – Matt Quatman

Assistant Varsity (Vol) – John Bucklar

Head Sophomore Coach –  Troy Michalek

Assistant Sophomore – Brian Kukulski

Assistant Sophomore – Mike Iazzetto

Assistant Varsity – P.J. Dufur

Assistant Sophomore (Vol) – Christopher Ehas

Assistant Sophomore (Vol) – Phillip Simoncelli

Head Freshman Coach – Rick LeBlanc

Assistant Freshmen – David Lee

Assistant Freshmen – Arthur Drenth

Assistant Freshman (Vol) – Dimitri Tripkos

Girls’ Cross Country

Head Coach – Doug Plunkett 
Assistant – Mike Farthing

Assistant – Tess Johnson

Assistant (Vol) – Mike Arenberg

Assistant (Vol) – Meagan DeSalvo

Girls’ Golf

Head Coach – Lindsay DeGiulio
Assistant – Darren Orel 

Girls’ Tennis

Head Coach – Josh Forst
JV – Robert Kud
Freshmen – Adam Petersen

Girls Swimmng and Diving

Head Coach – Paul Krick
Diving – Elizabeth Lukes 
Assistant – Bryan Szweda

Assistant (Vol.) – Frank Kuchta

Girls’ Volleyball

Head Varsity – Kristee Conrad

Assistant – Ryan Altenburg
Sophomore –  Pat Fardy

Freshman A – Jennifer Niendorff

Freshman B – Brett Wolf 

Winter Sports Coaching Staff



Boys’ Basketball

Head Varsity Coach – Kris Olson

Varsity Assistant –Jeff Powers

Assistant Coach (Vol) – Zach Miller

Sophomore Coach – Rob Bozek

Sophomore Assistant – Paul Maggiore

Freshman A Coach – Eric Baugh

Assistant Coach (Vol) – Gary Smith

Boys’ Swimming & Diving

Head Coach – Bryan Szweda
Assistant Coach – Paul Krick
Diving Coach – Elizabeth Lukes

Assistant Coach (Vol.) – Frank Kuchta


Head Varsity Coach – Sean Lovelace

Assistant Varsity Coach – Sean Raddatz 

Assistant Varsity Coach – Tim Noverini

Head JVI-JVII Coach – Josh Edwards

Assistant JVI-JVII Coach – (Vol.)Sam Scrivani

Assistant JVI-JVII Coach – (Vol.) Vince Liebich

Head Freshman Coach – Greg Maloney

Assistant Freshman Coach – Christos Giatras

Assistant Freshman Coach (Vol) – Gerry Gates

Assistant Freshman Coach (Vol) – David Lee

Girls’ Basketball

Head Varsity Coach – Lyndsie Long
Varsity Asst. Coach – Britanny Armato
Sophomore Coach – Mack Trent
Freshman A Coach – Justin Loos
Freshman B Coach – Jordan Hamilton

Girls’ Bowling

Head Coach – Bob Topor
Assistant Coach – Adam Petersen

Girls’ Gymnastics

Head Coach – Kristyn Campos 
Assistant Coach – Bill Norris
Assistant Coach – Christine Toellen

Assistant Coach – Kylie Bosco

Spring Sports Coaching Staff



Boys’ Baseball

Head Varsity Coach – Darren Orel
Varsity Assistant – Tim Cappelen

Varsity – (Vol) Paul Parpet

Varsity – (Vol) Pat Kenney

Head Sophomore Coach – Matt Quatman
Sophomore Assistant (Vol) – Chis Baranek
Head Freshman Coach – Brett Wolf
Freshman Assitant (Vol.)  – John Holakovsky

Boys’ Gymnastics

Head Coach – Bill Norris

Assistant Coach –Kristyn Campos

Assistant Coach – Eric Owusu

Boys’ Lacrosse

Coop. Team with DGN.  The boys will be housed at DGS.

Head Varsity Coach –  Shon Zawlocki

Assistant Varsity – Joseph Reilly

Assistant Coach (Vol.) – Jon Gargiulo

JV Coach (Vol) – Mike McAleer

Assistant JV Coach (Vol)- Cody Figura

Head Freshman – Nic Tysiak

Assistant Coach (Vol.) – Matthew Mallow

Boys’ Tennis

Head Coach – Josh Forst

Varsity Assistant Coach – Bob Kud

Assistant Coach (Vol.) –

Boys’ Track & Field

Head Coach – Sean Senf
Assistant Coach – Brian Caldwell (distance)

Assistant Coach – David Lee (throws)

Assistant Coach –  (pole vault)

Assistant Coach – Mike Farthing
Assistant Coach – (Vol.) Mike Kirk (jumps)

Boys’ Volleyball

Head Coach – Kurt Steuer  
Varsity Assistant – Tony Nevrly 

JV Coach – Ryan Altenburg

Freshman Coach – Dave Burton

Assistant Coach (Vol.) –

Girls’ Softball

Head Varsity Coach – Jim Cushing
Varsity Assistant – Brooke Andresen

Varsity Assistant (Vol.) –
Varsity Assistant (Vol.) – Bill Drenth

Head JV Coach  –

JV Assistant (Vol.) – Dick Cermak

JV Assistant (Vol.) – Jack Cannon
Freshman Head Coach – Lyndsie Long

Pitching Coach All Levels – (Vol.) Chuck Robinson

Girls’ Badminton

Head Coach – Jocelyn Painter
JV Coach – Jennifer Niendorf
Freshman Coach – Hayley Stankiewicz

Girls’ Lacrosse

Coop. Team with DGN.  The girls will be housed at DGN.

See the DGN web site for information.

Girls’ Soccer

Head Varsity Coach –Chris Hernandez 

Assistant Coach – Adam Petersen
Sophomore Coach –  Mike McGinnis

Assistant Sophomore (Vol.) –

Freshman Coach – Mike Paczkowski

Girls’ Track & Field

Head Coach – Doug Plunkett (distance)
Assistant Coach –   Tess Johnson (sprints, long and triple jumps)
Assistant Coach – Brian Kukulski (pole vault/throws)

Assistant Coach – Katie Goray (sprints, high jump)

Assistant Coach – Evelyn Golden (jumps)