District 99 Athletic and Activities Opening Protocols-Phase 4 Restore Illinois–IHSA RTP Guidelines

The District 99 Administration has approved the Athletics/Activities Return to Play Plan in compliance with the Phase 4 regulations.  The entire document along with related links can be viewed here.  8 Fall sports along with Marching Band and Color Guard have decided to submit plans and participate.  All are underway now or will be by Monday, 7/20.  Other sports are still active virtually and/or doing workouts as provided by the coaching staff.  The general framework of the District Phase 4 Plan is outlined below:


  • Optional Participation    
  • Monday through Thursday
  • Target Start: Monday, July 13 or later once sport plans are approved.
  • Groups: Pods of a maximum of 50 based on facility size including coaches, ATC, etc. This plan is designed for summer contact days NOT the fall season
  • Fall Sports and Activities Only (Marching Band Sectionals, Flags)
  • Varsity Level Only–Lower levels will be added in IF facilities and logistics will allow
  • Strength and Conditioning is allowed–weight room schedule will be assigned
  • Skill of the Sport is allowed–no skin-to-skin or face-to-face contact
  • Face masks must be worn while indoors at all times
  • Sharing equipment is discouraged. When unavoidable, it must be sanitized after each use. Coaches will need to work with CMG and the ATC to have District approved sanitizers and cleaning methods.
  • Outdoor and Weight room allowed.  Construction is impacting gym availability.
  • No competition or live scrimmaging
  • 20 IHSA contact days and no dead period are in effect

*If we continue in Phase 4 in the fall season, this plan may be modified for fall contests based on the latest information available from the DuPage County Health Dept., IDPH, IHSA, and the State of IL. Any modifications will be based, in large part, on the academic bell schedule, transportation limitations, etc.

Stage 2 IHSA Guidelines 

Restore Illinois Phase 4 

We expect to have information soon from the State, IDPH, and the IHSA on the Fall Season and Return to Learn.  We will post new information as if becomes available on the Athletic website.  If you have specific questions, email Director of Athletics Randall Konstans.